Our Team

At West Side Physiotherapy we put the patient first.


Located at the heart of Balmoral, we aim to provide the best professional care through a holistic approach in assessing, diagnosing and effectively treating patients who are recovering post-op, coping with musculoskeletal injury or seeking pain relief.


We are a team of athletes-physiotherapists who have personal and professional experiences with sports-related injuries and pain. But we are more than a physiotherapy clinic for sports people. We combine extensive knowledge of the human body with specialized expertise in manual therapy to restore motion and reduce pain. We value the trust placed in us, and patients can be assured of the best possible care through evidence-based diagnoses and interventions to support rehabilitation.


By working closely with orthopedic specialists, family medicine doctors, and other sports professionals, we make it our goal to facilitate healthy movement patterns and improve the quality of life of each patient.


You can trust us here on the West Side.

Meet Our Physios

Reginald Tang, also known as Reggie, graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia. He has a diverse work experience, spending 5 years at a public hospital in Australia before moving to private practice for 4 years. During this time, he worked as a team physiotherapist for an Australian Rules football team and a university soccer team.

In 2009, he returned to Singapore and continued working in private practice, eventually becoming the Chief Physiotherapist / Head of Department at a private hospital. He has remained active in the local sports scene, serving as a team physiotherapist for Oldham Rugby Football Club and the Singapore Rugby Union.

Reggie has been involved in various important sporting events. He was the physiotherapist for the 2014 Singapore U19s, who achieved promotion to Division 1 in the Asian Rugby U19s Rugby tournament in the Philippines. The following year, he served as the senior team’s physiotherapist for the National Men’s Rugby 7s team in the 2015, 2017, and 2019 SEA Games.

Over the years, he has supported the National Men’s 7s Rugby Team in competitions including the Asian Rugby 7s series, Olympic Rugby 7s Asian Qualifiers, and the South East Asian 7s.

In 2023, Reggie is scheduled to be involved in the Asia Rugby Asian Series, Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, and the Olympic Qualifiers in Japan.

With a commitment to evidence-based professional development, Reggie believes in tailoring treatment techniques to suit each patient’s unique needs, providing the best possible care.  His approach encompasses a wholistic view of the body and using various methodologies including dry needling, neruodynamics, manual therapy, exercise therapy and pain science.

Aside from his professional work, Reggie is an avid sportsman who has experienced injuries and surgeries himself. This firsthand experience as a patient has given him valuable insight into the importance of empathy, empowerment, and regaining independence.

Rachel obtained her Diploma in Physiotherapy from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, and subsequently, a Bachelor’s Degree (1st Class Honours) in Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. After completing her studies, she joined the private physiotherapy sector to pursue her passion for sports rehabilitation and treating musculoskeletal injuries.

Among her friends, Rachel is known for being someone who excels at sports. At a younger age, she represented her schools in Badminton, Football, and Ultimate Frisbee. Rachel also enjoys CrossFit and high-intensity interval training.

While competing in football, she became fascinated with the way physiotherapy was able to help her injured teammates return stronger than before and become better athletes. Her experience in an outpatient sports setting in the UK helped consolidate this interest and affirmed her aspiration to focus on this area of physiotherapy.

Rachel believes in stepping away from the simplified method of treating symptoms and looking at the whole person for a holistic, multi-faceted, and more effective resolution to the problem. Rachel’s extensive understanding of the anatomy of the body and how everything is connected fuel her interests in movement dysfunction and postural impairments, allowing her to better locate the source of pain and design individualised programs that prevent recurrent injury, resulting in better long-term results.

Rachel is qualified in Integrated Dry Needling and Kinesio taping and combines these with manual techniques as treatment. She has developed a special interest in working with the fascia, connective tissue in the body that is often neglected yet critical in communicating mechanical information to the entire body. Rachel loves to help others and is determined to help all patients return to their daily routines and sporting activities as soon as possible.

Kyler Wong holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from the Singapore Institute of Technology. After completing his studies, he joined the Lion City Sailors Football Club as the team physiotherapist for the academy and football school teams, gaining invaluable clinical experience within a professional sports environment. He demonstrates a strong commitment to excellence, delivering a smooth transition for players from the medical room back to performing on the field.

He actively participates in the local sports scene as pitch side medical cover during the team’s participation in the Centre of Excellence (COE) leagues throughout the season. He also supports the National Men’s 7s Rugby team in tournaments across Asia.

As a passionate rugby player, Kyler had encountered muscle injuries and undergone surgeries on various joints. This first-hand experience has provided him with unique insights into the physical and emotional challenges faced by athletes. With an empathetic approach and profound understanding of the demands of sports, he aims to empower his patients to actively engage in their healing process.

With training in a diverse range of treatment techniques in manual therapy, Kinesio taping, and dry needling, Kyler strongly believes in tailoring each treatment to meet the specific needs and aspirations of the individual. Drawing from his exposure in professional sport, his goal is to achieve the best outcomes for every person under his care, helping them return to a pain-free life and resume the activities they are passionate about.